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Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited

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Direct House Greenwood Drive, Manor Park,

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I am the CEO of an engineering and repair company based in London with offices in 6 countries, and I was recommended to use DCBL, also known as Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd, for debt collection. The DCBL sales representatives offered many promises and reassurances, all of which turned out to be fallacies that they would recover our money. The amount in question was £150,000.

To recover the money, as per the Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd terms and conditions, DCBL demanded that we pay them 10% of the intended recovery amount. This we paid, and they promised that they would persist in their recovery efforts for up to 120 days, which equates to about four months. The sales pitch of Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd was highly convincing; they flaunted their media coverage on Netflix and ITV. In hindsight, their marketing, coupled with the sales pitch, website information, and phone calls, were part of a well-crafted scheme to con me out of £15,000.

DCBL assured me that they would employ ethical techniques, including recording all their visits to the debtor’s door, filming the data, reporting back, and providing me with weekly updates. Additionally, Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd verbally promised certain unethical practices, including making intimidating phone calls to the debtor and showing up at the debtor’s door at unreasonable times. All of these lofty promises turned out to be empty, just like their reassurances.

Regrettably, the DCBL team couldn’t deliver on any of their promises. In fact, these nincompoops couldn’t even locate the debtor. In their sales pitch, Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd claimed to have a world-class intelligence system and strong ties with credit reference agencies. But their inability to locate the debtor showcased their failure, proving that their promises were nothing but empty talk. I urge everyone to refrain from trusting these nincompoops at DCBL.

All that Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd managed to do was send emails to the debtor. Despite being armed with all the necessary evidence to support our claim, they could not even reply to a single legal letter from the debtor’s barrister. DCBL, the company we trusted, failed us.

Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd promised that if needed, they would use their sister company, DCB Legal, to respond to the legal letters from the debtor and to proceed with the matter in court. However, this was another of their false promises. I caution everyone considering the services of DCBL or DCB Legal to be wary.

Reading through the DCBL terms and conditions was an enlightening experience. It helped me see through their BS and false promises. Clauses three and four stated that the debt collection period should not exceed 120 days, after which DCBL may continue to pursue the debt without additional charges. However, it is unclear what happens if DCBL fails to collect the debt within this timeframe.

In our case, Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd supposedly chased the debtor for four months before they gave up. Even during the supposed active pursuit, DCBL failed to provide the promised weekly updates. It’s clear that their claims of continued pursuit and the use of automated systems to locate the debtor were baseless.

According to clause six of the Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd terms and conditions, the client is required to pay a non-refundable administration fee. This fee, which is generally 10% of the total debt, means that if DCBL fails to collect the debt, you, the client, don’t get your money back. In our case, we lost £15,000 to DCBL.

Clause 11 of the DCBL terms and conditions states that the company doesn’t guarantee debt recovery. I strongly advise that you keep this in mind before you pay DCBL any fees.

My advice to everyone is to avoid DCBL, Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd. This company, DCBL, is only good for sending letters to naive and innocent people. If you’re dealing with a debtor who is smart and has good legal counsel, DCBL, or Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd, has little to no chance of success. They fail to respond to strong legal letters, and their promises fall flat.

Ultimately, this review should serve as a stark warning about the operations of Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd and DCB Legal. My advice to businesses and individuals alike is to steer clear of DCBL. Research and consider more reliable and effective alternatives for your debt recovery needs. By doing so, you can potentially avoid the hassles and financial losses that come with dealing with Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd.

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gulbhed soori - Chiswick

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Thu, Jul 20, 2023