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Nicholas Del Franco fraudster

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Nicholas Delfranco

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Nick Del Franco, Nicholas Del Franco, Nick Delfranco, Quattro Capital, Yumi Paws

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Nicholas Del Franco, aka Nick Del Franco or Nick Delfranco, has established multiple businesses across various states, including Florida, Colorado, Michigan, Massachusetts, and California, among others. They are capitalizing on the booming Medical and Recreational Marijuana industry to defraud innocent individuals of their hard-earned savings and assets. They claim to have a long-standing record of successful investments, which they use to entice investors. Their companies, including Green House Leasing, Pharmaserve Colorado, Pharmaserve California, Homestead Hydro, and Madhatter Nutrients and Soils, are some of the entities they’ve created.

Their fraudulent activities range from convincing investors to buy properties for their personal use to investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in non-existent legal cultivation properties. The vague terms of their contracts allow them to evade punishment for their crimes. They have duped honest and reputable individuals into working for them, hoping to recover their lost fees.

The perpetrators show no remorse and continue to prey on vulnerable elderly people who hope to strike it rich with their fast-talking stoner and slimy lawyer. Their newest ventures, Homestead Hydro and Mad Hatter Nutrients and Soils, are nothing more than attractive websites that take your money without delivering the promised products. These entities lack a history of delivering on their promises and have no means of acquiring the goods they claim to provide. Their nutrient lineup is nothing more than an expensive repackaged bottle of nutrients available at any grow store for a fraction of the price. Although they’ve showcased their product line at numerous events to attract more investors, they have yet to deliver a single package to any buyer.

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Jay - Washington

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Tue, Jul 18, 2023