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Crookside Auctions

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Creekside Auctions

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Creekside Enterprises

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Creekside Auctions formerly known as Creekside Enterprises had this review taken off of Google. I am just trying to warn people. Read this and proceed as you wish.

Creekside Auctions? More like Crookside Auctions. Bottom line is they stole property, sold it, and pocketed the money. We have reached out many times. Only response is basically “Yes we’ll get to you asap a couple months from now.” It never happens. I wouldn’t trust these thieves with anything.

My family hired them 4 years ago for an estate auction (deceased grandparents’ house was soon to be sold). Several red flags came up but we felt pressured to get the house cleaned out since the new owners would be moving in soon.

From the beginning, communication was difficult. Several phone calls over a few days before a return phone call every time!

Some tools were set aside in the garage clearly marked not to be sold as a family member wanted them. They were taken by Crookside and sold at their tool auction.

We were told that the house would be “broom clean” at the end of the sale. It was not. We were told that the new owners were aware of some items left in the house. We asked the new owners, and they said they were not aware of the items left in the house.

We had to make a rushed trip up to the house on a week night (we live an hour away) to clean it out. Then we had to ask a fantastic neighbor take a full pickup truck load to Common Cents to donate, and another full load to the dump to dispose.

We were unable to attend the sale. Big mistake. We were told by a friend that the value of some items may not have been fully recognized. Not a big deal, but don’t expect much for your items.

Here’s the biggest problem. We do not know how much our items sold for and we have not received payment for the items sold at the estate auction or the tool auction!

We have reached out several times over the last few years and have received nothing for the items sold. We can’t even get a ballpark figure of how much we are owed. We’ve maintained an account for the estate just in case by some miracle they decide to do the right thing but obviously Crookside has no intention of doing so.

My advice to you is this… Stay away from doing business with Crookside Auctions because they will take your property, sell it, and pocket the money with no remorse.

If you do decide to do business with them, make absolutely sure you get a contract (almost impossible due to lack of communication). Make sure you attend your auction in order to see how much your items sell for. And make sure you collect your part of the earnings before the New York State Statute of Limitations for Stolen Property time is exceeded.

Update: After posting this review on Google I received and reply from Crookside claiming that they had no idea who I was and that they reported the review.

I messaged them on Facebook and reminded them of the estate sale occurring near the end of May 2018. I received a message from someone who claimed to be customer support. They told me that they had an itemized list from the auction. They said they would check with their bank to see if a check had been negotiated and if not they would have it sent out.

They provided me with the owner’s phone number. I asked if someone could reach out to my mother as calling the owner has proven to be a waste of time in the past. Communication is almost impossible. I was told that they “will definitely reach out to her tomorrow”.

It’s been three months. Reached out a couple weeks ago and received response from owner “Yes we will be getting you settled up soon, we have been working through things, trying to get everything straightened out from the previous employee”.

Reminded them that it has been over 4 years since the auction. Asked how long they need. Asked about the itemized list. Asked why nobody has reached out even though contact information was provided. Crookside saw the message and has yet to respond.

Sent two more messages over the last couple of weeks which they refuse to view even though their account is active and posting. Lack of action and empty promises is all you’re going to get if you work with these people. Good luck.

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Angry Grandson - New York

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Fri, Aug 11, 2023