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Affiliate Advertising Club is a Ponzi Scheme and a Major Scam Buyer Beware!

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Affiliate Advertising Club

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AffiliateAdvertising.Club Clay Montgomery Joshua Elder

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Do not Deposit Any Money into Affiliate Advertising Club or! This Site tries to get you to deposit Cypto Currency to purchase Advertising Packages that Range from $10 Per Package up to $160 Per Ad Package. This site tricks you into buying Large amounts of Advertising Packages because they Promise that every Ad Pack will Double In Value because of a Forced Matrix System. Even the Owner had a hard time trying to explain how this Forced Matrix Works and how each Ad Pack is pushed up. They are forcing us to Recruit and invite people into the site when we ourselves have not earned anything back from the Ad Packs. Do not join this site at all stay clear away from this site and anything with the name Clay Montgomery and or Josh Elder affiliated with!

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Joseph - Oklahoma

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Wed, Dec 13, 2023